Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dear Kelsey, Love Santa

Dear Kelsey,

When you were just one year old, Santa wrote you a letter. I bet you don't remember. ;)

Back when Santa wrote that letter, Santa really had no idea where you would go.

Santa knew what your mommy had been told and he also knew how very much your mommy loved you.  He saw the way that you worked so hard in all you did and the way you never gave up.

Kelsey, Santa is so very proud of you.

You try hard every day to the point of exhaustion.  Yet you are always ready to stay up past your bedtime if the opportunity allows.

Santa sees you make friends with so many different people.  He sees the way you have the ability to bring out the best in people and to show people's hearts by the way they choose to communicate with you.

Santa sees your patience.  He sees the way you persist to get your communication across even when others around you aren't getting it.  He sees the way you treat people kindly even when they fail to "see" the real you and what is really going on inside of you.  Your patience is a gift that he is so very glad that God gave you and hopes you will continue to grow it.

I loved the way that you persisted in your message with your mommy so she knew what to tell me that you wanted for Christmas.  You would hear nothing of baby dolls or barbie dolls or any other present.  You knew just what you wanted and even which one of those that you wanted.  You even had your brother telling Santa what you want when I saw you.

Speaking of your brother, what a fantastic gift from God he is to you.  He loves you so very much and I don't know if you know it, but when he doesn't get his "kiss and hug" to you before your bus leaves, he cries and says "But I want to give she a kiss and hug." and your mommy has to tell him that you will be back from school and he can give you one then.  You are so good for each other. 

Santa doesn't know how soon those around you will figure out how to give you your full voice.  I have watched your patience and persistence.  In the end, Santa hope that technology (and people) will catch up to your thoughts and you can put them out there for everyone.  But those who love you know and  I know that you have a message worth sharing.

All my love,
Santa Claus

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kindergarten Kelsey

It has been awhile (a LOOOOONG while) since I wrote.

Kelsey is growing up to be the amazing little girl that I have always known she was.

She is nearing the end of kindergarten!  I need to put a brick on her head to stop her from growing.  Her helpers tell me that she has grown several inches since they started playing with her.

We are still actively working towards getting her a "voice."  In the meantime, we are using partner assisted auditory scanning for conversation and academics at home.

Apparently Kelsey and I had been doing this for a long time and didn't even know it.  Now, we have an awesome resource that is helping us and we are moving forward towards documenting that sweet, smart little girl inside.

Here she is doing some math.

I have always said that Kelsey Can.  And she can.  Just a little differently than the rest of us.