Friday, December 19, 2008

Daddy's Notes on Kelsey's Growth!

12/21/08 Tonight, we were downloading and listening to Christmas songs we heard at Disney World, and Kelsey just sang along, and starred in her own music videos, in a duet with Mommy.

12/19/08 Kaitlyn!?! I was angry at Bandit today, and scolded him, and I think Kaitlyn made an appearance, Bandit was in the bathroom, and I was in the hall, and the stuffed animal Bernice piped up on her own, and as I looked down, her wings were flapping (typical) as the voice played. [You have to press the button on her feet to get it to play] It's the flapping wings that got me.

12/16/08 1:16a Kelsey has been doing alot of talking including more and more consonants. Tonight she was saying aaaaaaaad alot and then I was giving her her bottle and singing to her. I got to Mr. Sun and she stopped taking the bottle and started saying "un" for sun, sometimes right with the song and then extra times too. When I was done singing she started saying "un" again to have me sing it some more. This past weekend I was playing a 1-2-3 game with her saying "one" and pausing "two" ..."three" and then kissing her all over. She started to say "un" and then "ewww" for one and two. When I was done, she would start the game again by saying "un"


11/25/08 7p Just showed Kelsey the Mickey Mouse mom gave us for the wedding. She smiled and reached out to it, grabbing it's arm.

11/25/08 7:06p Kelsey just talked and made a new deep voice ohh, and she looked happy. Kelly came in and i said wheres momma, can you look at momma, an she turned and reached for her very forcefully
Kelsey likes to hold my finger 11/25/08 12:21p

Kelsey: trip: 11/16/08 12:29p amazing things she did. It was as if a switch was turned on in her mind. The It's a Small World ride at Disney World as well as the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade really did the trick. She really noticed everything. I took her to the second parade of the night, and she had been asleep, including the entire time we ran down the street to get as close as possible to the end of the parade route for as much of the beginning of the parade as we could. She didn't wake up until we were right in front of it, she saw it, and her eyes glowed, wide open. Head bouncing around, then definitely focusing for longer periods on certain facets of a particular character, float, etc. Characters came up and talked to her or waved, and she would smile. She would talk too. Small World was the same way. We would go to the dark area between scenes, and she got that after a while, that we would be seeing something new. When she really liked one particular room, she would look back, change position, height, etc, to try to still see the room she had seen. It made me so happy. I could tell she was happy, and she talked about it too, smiling the whole time. bouncing her head, then smiling, saying ahhh, ooooh. It's like Disney is where dreams come true, as they say. Kaitlyn made an appearance on the trip. I was sitting in the window seat, holding Kelsey, and had her look out the window, I said "can you see Kaitlyn?" Is she up there, up here in the clouds? Do you think she is here? About 2 minutes later, the flight attendant brought Kelsey some wings. It was as if she said I am here with you.

Kelsey has a new tooth on her left side next to the 2 she has, just breaking through 11/10/08 7:45p

11/8/08 1:32p Kelsey kept pulling at the fringe of the blanket, after raking her fingers over it. doing it continuously now for 5 mins.


10/13/08 1:00p Kelsey tried to climb out of her swing, even from the tray her head and upper body were over the side

10/1/08 12:18p Kelsey's hair is long enough now to put bows on top, so Kelly got her some for her birthday


9/30/08 Kelsey: was looking at the ceiling as i was moving her room to room, actually looking and noticing differences. A light bulb has come on with her vision recently. Then, i was looking at her pics, and she was watching the monitor, screen went white, and she stared directly at it, then a pic came up of her, full screen, she smiled at it, then i flipped it, and her she kind of jumped, blinked and stared.

9/30/08 Kelsey: I was changing her diaper, and showed her the design of her name from the hospital. I pointed it out to her and said Kelsey... it says Kelsey, K e l s e y. I left her on her stomach, and went to the hang it. I said look her, and she looked up and stared at it and smiled. I have never seen her look up on command before...had to turn her head about 150 deg.

9/30/08 Kelsey cries when the bottle is taken away when she is still hungry. about 2 seconds at most. You would think the end of the world or she was hurt. VERY Impatient 9/22/08 2:41p Today, I said thank you for being a good girl, and she stopped crying. Repeated several times through feeding.

9/23/08 4:21a Kelsey has been talking for about an hour now in her crib, crying/talking,

9/18/08 10:45p Kelsey is making kissing noises now. Tonight she was making kissing noises and then smiling/open mouth, silent laugh about it. I (K) had my back turned and she was grabbing my shirt with her hand and rolled so she could grab me with both hands. We put a bow in her hair today. She was so cute.

Kelsey: 9/16/08 4:33p took to the chiro, said muscle tension strong on left side of back of neck, massage, use a touch of bio freeze in that groove just between skull and first bone you feel.

9/3/08 11:14p Kelsey just now was swinging in her swing, and eyes were bright, watching her mirror toy, along with the light in the swing,which was pretty unique in itself. I pulled the attached bug off the velcro for her to see swinging. she kept lunging for it to grab it with her mouth. that is the first time we have seen her go for anything with her mouth.

9/2/08 Kelsey, we got her the orange chair last night, an armchair with soft sides and a high back. I just put her in it, she is talking and talking, just made video. I was working on the computer,a nd she said NA!, and when I looked at her, she just smiled so proud. I think she called be Dad, because we know na and da come from the same place.


on 8/20 Kelsey was on the bed with Kelly. She spun in half circle. Then we both were in there and she spun around the entire bed in different directions and other active things for well over an hour. Talking and talking. Kelly put her to bed and she was such a good girl and went right to sleep without crying in her crib. Today, 8/21, was first day back at therapy with Debbie and her new OT to co-treat at the end of the session. She did so good with Debbie today. She was laying on her back and I was shaking a rattle which she was able to grab as I was doing it. while she was doing this, she first got the rattle/looked at it and then would look over at Debbie to make sure she saw and then she rolled towards Debbie and was grabbing at her. Finally she was just happy getting Debbie and turned all her attention to her, making great eye contact with her, smiling and grabbing at her. Then she was on her tummy and leaned over to one side with her weight and reached out with the other hand for a toy in front of her!!!! I don't think she had ever done that before. Tonight she also had her first convertible ride and seemed to like the air hitting her and looking up at the stars, just very relaxed.

8/13/08 2:40p Kelsey, Kim came and hadn't seen her for a couple weeks, and just said, look at all your teeth, and your curls, you grew up while I was gone.

Kelsey crawled(scooted) 8/1/08 11:43p on her own on the bed, from the foot to about 3 body lengths up. I moved up there and called her. She kept holding her left arm down, but I would pull it out for her, but that was the only assistance I gave her, outside of saying "come to Daddy". Then she would make her ahhhh sound, and keep working at it. Really got the legs moving,a lthough it appeared difficult to understand. She would push up with both, then lay down and scoot.


Kelsey's second top tooth, fourth overall popped through 7/23/08 6:36p . Kel said write down her favorite new pastime is biting momma. She yesterday bit, and kelly pulled her off, and turned away, as she has been told to do, so kelsey looked up, smiled, and chomped.. "I'll get a response out of you!"

Kelsey's second top tooth, fourth overall popped through 7/23/08 6:36p . Kel said write down her favorite new pastime is biting momma. She yesterday bit, and kelly pulled her off, and turned away, as she has been told to do, so kelsey looked up, smiled, and chomped.. "I'll get a response out of you!"

7/19/08 gave Kelsey a cheezit to hold. Got it up to beside her face just like she does a rattle. I took it and held it for her in front of her mouth. she sucked it and bit a piece off. She chewed that piece in her mouth and seemed to do fine with it. On Friday, 7/18 I gave her baby food spagetti with noodles and everything and she did really well with that too.

7/15/08 at Walmart that night - Bryan was making a key. I took Kelsey to toy aisle. She was laughing out loud to noise maker hammer toy that blinked on top. Just kept laughing and laughing. Laughed all the way over to where Bryan was. Laughed for him. Was so fun to hear her. Was like a big girl laugh/giggle.

7/11/08 7:43p Kelsey, was trying to take pics of her one tooth, as the new one is just at the edge coming through, to make sure we had a pic with one. She was fighting it, and finally, just snapped her jaws shut. I'll show you...

7/10/08 10:55a KELSEY: Talking said Daaaaaaaaaa Du for the first time

7/3/08 12:14p Kelsey, left her on the bed, and she was just talking and talking, for about a half hour. Didn't want ther bottle, so I fed her and played forex.

7/3/08 12:14p Kelsey, left her on the bed, and she was just talking and talking, for about a half hour. Didn't want ther bottle, so I fed her and played forex.


Kelsey 6/29 was sitting up, about 1, had been asleep on banket in the fr by herself, then i went to lay down by her. She woke up, and we were doing up up up, to get her to tuck her chin to pull herself up. we had done that all morning, and saying up up up would get her to do it, then she would pull back and we would say down, and let her back down, then before she hit, would tuck her chin, and we would say up up up. today, 6/30/08 4:54p , carried her around to kitchen, letting dog out, etc, and very very attentive on walls, ceilings, etc, just looking around everywhere. Last night, noticed was looking at our pics over bathroom opening, and pics on wall

Saturday 6/21 Kelsey popped out her first tooth. it is on the bottom front right

Today 6/16, she is being so animated with Bryan. She was such a good girl on our vacation with all of the driving. She MAYBE cried 45 miles the whole time. Of course, she slept through most of it...

Saturday 6/14 Kelsey was "running" "walking" lifting her legs up high and stepping as she was propperd up by the arms.

6/13/08 11:08a Kelsey has changed alot this week. her smile is different just now when I said "Hi Munchy". A big open mouth "toothy" one, if she had them. Was just in her music seat, talking to it!

6/10/08 11:35a turned her head to look at Kelly. was laying on my arm, facing me, and spun her head over when Kelly talked to her, rather than the lifting her head u0p and rolling her eyes back that has been her previous way

6/9/08 Held her elephant ring for a really long time, and kept puting it to her mouth, and bending her body towards it as if saying hungry, Did it prob a dozen times


4/22/08, took Kelsey to school today, had her in matching socks and everything, her little pull over dress. She did rolling in class, and while starting whimpering earlier in singing, was mesmerized by the star ceiling for twinkle twinkle. Debbie showed how to calm her with stretching, rolling legs side to side and bending, said she had good abilities, range, in that her head turned opposite of the way she was bending her.

4/2/08 Today Kelsey had quite a day. We all slept in this morning to make up for some much needed rest. Kim, the vision teacher, came this afternoon and brought Kelsey a light box. We played with that during therapy today. Kelsey liked it when I made the wheel on top of the light box go and then helped her "stop" it. Afterwards Daddy, Mommy and Kelsey played with the bubbles the Easter bunny had brought her. She seemed to see them and was fun to watch as they hit her and broke on her. We laughed and blew some at Bandit too. Then we went for a walk around the neighborhood. Kelsey would not keep her hat on for us and kept leaning against Daddy to get it to fall off. Kelsey and I went to Sears to pick up her pictures that we had taken for Easter and her six month birthday. She was getting sleepy and hungry, so we quickly came home. Tonight before cereal, I was playing with her in our bed room saying "1-2-3, go" and then raising her above my head. We did that several times and then I asked her, "Kelsey was that fun?" and she giggled out loud. The most exciting thing was that we finally tried cereal. She really liked it. So much so that she wasn't very patient in between bites. She started fussing a little bit. Also she would move her head back and forth looking for the spoon. She was too cute with the cereal all over her face. She did a great job using her tongue and swallowing. We also put some in a sippy cup at the end and she did really well with it too.


3/31/08 1:48p Kelsey was up at 8, eating a bit from Kelly, who went to work at 9:45. She cried quite a bit, and I gave her a bottle at about 11:15, which fianally got her through 2 oz at 11:40. Changed a wet diaper, and she was very chapped. Then she retired to her swing, falling asleep about noon. Awake a couple times in between. Grandma came at____. She did so well this weekend, taking steps, like she did in the tub. getting balance too. She may just walk before she crawls!

3/24/08 I said hi to Kaitlyn today. Thanks for helping Kelsey. Happy six months. It's been that long since we got to hold you. I am grateful for getting to do that. I hope it's beautiful where you are. Your sister's doing well and think a lot of that is because of you. Thanks for what you did to help her by staying in your Mommy. I wish I could will be here too, with and like Kelsey

3/24/08 maybe we get Kelsey because something wasn't right of Kaitlyn maybe Kelsey is Kaitlyn...meaning, both of them.

3/24/08 told Kelsey happy with my Kelsey! So happy and proud of you

3/23/08 Fed Kelsey ice cream and she was waiting for more, all excited. I went in the other room and Kelly said she said"ahhhh gooooo" . I said she was saying "that is good", even though she wouldn't know what that meant.3/22/08 Kelsey was on her back to sleep, and had rolled onto her stomach on the bed in her room.


I woke up, got up and looked at Kelsey, and she was smiling, in her sleep. She was dreaming, her eyes were moving, her hand was up nest to her face, she was wiggling her fingers, then smiling again.
She had been moving from the pillow to under me, moving about a foot sideways, as soon as i put her over, before i could roll over like i wanted, she then was right back. So I left her alone for a while, and she had spun on her back from facing the foot of the bed, to almost facing the head of the bed, 150 degrees.

Winked at her last night, and she winked back...twice. 2/14/08

2/13/08 Met with Dr. Graff children's mercy, thought doing really well, very encouraged, Carousel said would probably phase back, Kelsey is a success for them, most they see do not improve
Relating noticing Kelsey's acheivements/characteristics to other kids, being similar to people knowing different things. 6/10/08 11:59p
When we are with our 8 month old baby girl, Kelsey, just on our own, she is really amazing. Coming from a place of no experience with babies, everything just seems normal and logical for a baby to be doing, or more to the point, not doing. Then, you put her in a group, and notice what you see is possibly behind, different with others. Does this relate in business, with someone seeming to do well, being "on" with business? You get with someone, ask for help, or relating what you are doing, which seems logical and normal, only to find out it differs in ways you would never have thought of. You can change your behavior, goals, etc. Not quite as easy to change what a babies abilities and actions. We have every confidence our baby is going to do well, may just take time. If you, in your own business, just take time to figure it out, it will cost you money, significant earnings, and lost opportunities. Trybrytheideaguy for consultations, business ideas, product and process improvements. Find things you never knew you were lacking, and just how easy it can be to improve, and increase production, bottom line, time.



Santa came to see Kelsey for her first Christmas


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