Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New update today 3/14, on some info we have missed posting:

We went to see Kaitlyn's grave today. 3/14/09 There was a little pink thing in the ground, just around the graves. It was actually 2 pcs, I picked up. It was a Barbie plastic ring that had the top, photo part off the band part. I put it together, and looked around to see if it went anywhere nearby. Most sites were decorated, and couldn't see anything particular of where it should go, Most were boys sites. So I set it on Kaitlyn's stone, with Kelsey looking, and I have never seen anything do what this did. I just laid it down, and it spun gently around, and around, and around, for nearly a minute! Kept thinking this is the last spin, and yet it just continued at the same speed, as if it was in a vacuum, or on a motor. I said look Kelsey, I think Kaitlyn is playing with the ring, and it kept on and on. I called Kelly to look at it. Finally it stopped. I picked it up and told Kelsey that we gave that to Kaitlyn. I put it back down, and it wouldn't do it again, after trying twice, but told Kelsey we would just leave it there for Kaitlyn to play with. A couple ironies I just thought of. I always told that my daughter would be name Barbie, so she would be BArbie Dahl. It was a Barbie ring. Second, Grammy's story of being called back into a store, somehow, by a force, to buy a little RING, as if Kaitlyn wanted her to have it. (something she would never do on her own. BELIEVE.

Kelsey and I worked together on the Creepster last night, 2/8/09, and she did good, from the rug in the lr to the kitchen.

Kelsey, several times today said roll over. mom said she was telling her last night rolly over, so she was seeming to have more syllables, so it was probably rollie she was saying. 2/1/09 11:10p
Kelsey, 1/26/09 7:33p thought she said good today when i said good girl and good morning a few times to her, then tonight it was obvious she said good girl. Then she said elo da, after being prompted to say hello dada. She was doing all this all day, being very quick, saying it back immediately, even if it was not distinguishable. She was then talking to her talking doll, having a conversation for quite some time, it was on the floor, and she was on the rug, and scooted over to be next to it, then fell asleep with it. turning 90 degrees one way, then back, then 45 more, and scooting a couple feet. today, 1/27/09 4:52p , I was talking to Kelly on the phone and told Kelsey to say hello mama, and she did. I figured out as i was on the phone earlier, she was saying hello. Then we had a conversation, although i don't know what all she was saying, but it was multi consananted, and about every vowel sound in it! So I told her to say good bye, bye bye to mama, and she said ahh bahh

The meaning of Kelsey, victorious ship, she is sailing through adversity

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