Monday, June 8, 2009

Big Thursday

Thursday was a fun day last week.

Grammy and Grandpa were in town visiting and they got to see her work really hard at school. There wasn’t even any C-R-Y-ing

First Debbie had Kelsey practice some crawling. Then she practiced sit to stand. Then she stood up for awhile.

Finally she did some more standing in another walker. (this time without those AFOs :) )

She took several steps again! And this time without C-R-Y-ing

When Kristen and Rachel got there, we went over to the incline mat and did some hands and knees weight bearing.

Boy did she like all the attention a room full of grown ups can give her. We all clapped for her and you should have see her smile.

Debbie helped her get her legs under her and then Kelsey was able to push herself up on her arms all by herself. Such a big girl!

After Debbie left, Kelsey played in the corner chair. She showed Grammy and Grandpa how she can lift a toy up in the air and back down.

Finally we showed Ms. Kristen how Kelsey can take the coin from Mama and we put it in the piggy bank!

We were tired!!!!

After a nap, Tonya came to see us at home. We did some stretches and reaching and some other fun things that Mommy can’t remember right now!

Grammy and Grandpa bought Kelsey an Elmo balloon for all of her hard work! Bet Kelsey thinks they should come to therapy everyday. Mommy doesn’t buy her balloons for being such a good girl!

After we were done at home, we showed Grammy and Grandpa the Deanna Rose farmstead. We all agreed that the cousins should come see it sometime too.

That night Mommy wanted to show Grammy and Grandpa how well Kelsey is coming on crawling forward on her tummy.

Kelsey wanted to show them her rolling.

Over and over again Kelsey would roll when I placed her back on her tummy. She knew she was teasing Mommy.

FINALLY she decided she would do some crawling after Grandpa got down on the floor.

She crawled all the way to Grandpa. It was very cute.

Just when you think she would be done for the day (because Mommy sure was), she was climbing and rolling all over Daddy on the bed while Mommy was dozing in and out. She also crawled across the bed to me after Bryan asked her to. (If you want more details on this, you will have to ask her Daddy because I was toooo sleepy.)

Finally it was time for bed.


Jason, Rochelle, Aidan & Alayna said...

YAHOO! Kelsey, we are so sorry we weren't there last week to see all the family (our Erin was sick). We are super proud of your crawling, rolling and silliness. You keep up the great work so you can show me how to do it all. See you Thursday,

Grandpa Chuck and Grammy said...

Guess you know how proud Grandpa Chuck and Grammy are of you. You work so hard, sweetheart, and we love watching you grow and succeed!
Thanks for showing off last week at school for us--we will be back soon to watch some more so YOU GO GIRL!!
Grandpa and Grammy