Monday, September 7, 2009

Daddy and the Lake

Kelly, Kelsey, and I went to the park with the fishing lake in Olathe. We found a dock that was vacant, and after introducing Kelsey to the lake view, having her be pretty mellow, I finally laid back on the deck and let Kelsey lay on me.

Holding her, I relaxed completely, got into a trance zone, and prayed about Kelsey, "I am grateful for her making all her nerve connections, growing, learning, and acheiving new things daily. I am grateful for her quickly learning how to walk, talk, crawl, do all her motor skills and having all her muscles be fully functional, and being able to feed herself."

Some kids came to fish, and took a bit away from the trance/zone I was in, so I sat up and held Kelsey on the dock. She was sitting with her knees bent, laying against me, with her arms pulled up high on her chest. I considered the possibility of the kids casting poorly as I used to, so after a few minutes, decided it best to leave.

We had her touch her face, she was licking at her hand. I moved her hand around and told her to wipe wipe wipe the mouth off. Kelly looked at Kelsey sitting there and said, "you know, with her arms up like that and her hands now working better, she could feed herself a cookie".

Hmmmmmmmm. So we got home, and finding a way to keep her elbows up, she was holding a cookie close, and she just kept pecking at it, moving her arms a little, and moving her head toward it, to bite it.



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