Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kelsey needs a Kidwalk

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to have another mom post on the CP board about their child's Kidwalk Gait Trainer.

I googled it and knew that it was just what Kelsey needed.

I really like that the front is completely open. I like that it supports under the arms (where we hold Kelsey when she takes steps for us on her own).

I like that it has a head support in back so Kelsey couldn't arch herself backward which is what she does after she gets mad in the gait trainer we are borrowing. It has a handle in the back that you could "push" to help or if the child gets tired.

So I emailed one of her PT's and she said that they have one at her special school that we could try...

So on that next Tuesday we tried it.

And it was wonderful.

And I almost cried.

And it was wonderful.

(these pictures are from her birthday when we got to show Grammy and Grandpa!)


Nathan Charlan said...

Our biggest problem with the Kidwalk is that Zach doesn't have the strength to power it himself. He takes steps and walks all the time for us when we help him but the Kidwalk is so heavy that he can't do it himself. That is awesome if Kelsey has the strength to power it!!! And if not it is always something to work on, right. We hope it works out wonderfully for you guys.

K D said...

Thanks for the info. That is something to definitely mull over in my mind before we order one.

I am just so excited to finally find a gait trainer she is HAPPY in.

I'm not sure that she has the strength yet to make it "go" on her own, but she did make it go backwards herself when we were trialing it.

I also see it as a huge advantage to be able to stand with support at a sand table/music class/etc in preschool next year.

Nathan Charlan said...

Yea, we take the walker with us to church and even though he can't power it himself we just help push it for him. This allows him to be at level with the other kiddos and if he goes to Sunday school than he gets to just stand at the table to participate!!! We love having a way to let him be more active with other kiddos even if he does it different. The other kids love it. Good luck with everything.