Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good Advice

A good friend told me:

Your job is to teach Kelsey about Kelsey and what she is capable of. It is not your job to fight the world to understand who Kelsey is.

You cannot carry that weight.

Teach Kelsey who she is and what she can do and she will continue to astound them.


Too many times I worry about how people perceive Kelsey. Do they see how smart she is? Do they see past everything to see her gifts?

Can they see what I see in her?

Focusing on just Kelsey and what she believes about herself is freeing.

And that is a big enough job in itself.


jocalyn said...

i love this. and needed to read it today.

she is getting so big and is so incredibly beautiful! i love the yellow dress :)

Rochelle said...

So true, so true, Great advice!

Katy said...

That's some wise advice there--I would do good to follow it and worry less about other people.