Monday, October 3, 2011

Down the Road

I do not think that I can adequately express what it feels like.

To breathe.

To just enjoy.

To not have a cloud draped delicately over our heads.

Four years ago today we sat in a room at the children's hospital with a team of doctors, our parents and a Carousel nurse.

We were told of the "couldn't"s, we were told of the "wouldn't"s.

We were told that it was ok if we chose to do some things that we gratefully have never had to seriously consider.

It was Bryan's birthday. We left our hospital "home" to "celebrate" with pizza that night returning to a world of unknowns that evening.

We still have many unknowns, but also many healed scars.

Today is Bryan's birthday again.

But tonight I will go home from my first day of work back from maternity leave and hug my four year old and her brand new 6 week old brother.

And I will really celebrate.


Pipsylou said...


Erin said...

yes, you will. {{hugs}}

Pipsylou said...

Seriously. Smiling from ear to ear. Isn't the healing a wonderful thing?

Rochelle said...

We are celebrating right along with you. The joy in your faces is SO worth it. Thankful you heard the call to grow your family what a blessing they will be to you and each other!

Mo said...

Lovely. Just lovely.