Monday, October 20, 2008

She Sits!

Last night Grandma came over to visit for a little while.

Kelsey has done limited prop sitting for small amounts of time. (this means that she sits with her hands/arms supporting her for balance)

We have all been working with her on this as it is a VERY important developmental milestone.

From what I have found researching, if you do not sit unsupported (ie without a bumbo, pillows, chair) by the time you are two, it is likely that you will not walk. However if you do, it is likely that you will walk whether it be with assistance or unassisted.

Kelsey can sit.

Kelsey can sit.

Last night she prop sat for Grandma for 5 - 10 minutes. Granted, she was leaning pretty far forward, but she was doing it! And it can only improve. She did it for about 5 minutes more later last night.

If she can sit than eventually she will be able to sit and play.

I am so proud of her.