Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Go!" "Stop!"

This is Kelsey's favorite button to play with at therapy. (With another cute kid from the internet demonstrating.)

She is very good at following the verbal commands "GO" and "STOP."

When I make the request for her to "stop", she finds a way to make her body do it and get her hands off or her weight shifted enough to make it stop.

Her motor planning time with this button has gotten so much faster.

She really has come so far using her arms and hands in the last 6 months.

Today, for the first time, we had Kelsey bench sitting with support and pushing this button with her feet.

My smart smart girl figured out how to play the "go" "stop" game with both feet on and lifting off of the button.

And quickly too.

When her motivation is high, she really shows how smart she is.

And yes, she gets that from me.

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