Thursday, April 9, 2009

Walk, Sit, Stand, Clang

Kelsey had a great day at therapy at school today.
First, she tried the treadmill for the first time today. It has a harness suspended over the treadmill so she can't fall and then the treadmill slowly moves.

It looks kind of like this:

She cried pretty much the whole time, which I guess is something that usually happens the first time that a child gets on the treadmill.

Also I think she kind of felt like "Hey guys is anyone holding on to me here????" since she is in a harness that keeps her upright instead of someone holding her in that position.

But the therapists could feel her legs going through the walking motions herself while they were assisting her with them. I am excited for her to try it again.

Really I think she was just being her usual smart self, she knew that treadmill = exercise and that she should cry. ;)

Then we worked on bench sitting to standing to standing holding onto something. She is getting stronger all the time with this and knows when you tell her "up" to stand up.

We then did some kneeling on the stairs.

So by the time she got to sitting in the corner chair with the OT, she had really gotten a work out.

In fact, I supported her trunk a little in the corner chair which I never have to do anymore. (She was that tired!)

But then came the most exciting thing of the day...

She watched Kristen clang two stars off the star stacker together and then she did it herself.

She slid the stars together and we would say "boom" and then we would say out and she would slide her hands out (in opposite directions mind you!) and then "boom" back together. Over and over.

I had never seen her clang two toys together before and am overjoyed at how far she has come with the function use of her hands, particularly in an upright position!

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Debbie Foster said...

Kelly and Bryan,
I just want you to know how much I love reading your blog! Kelsey amazes me over and over!