Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Little Updates

Kelsey has been doing several things lately and I keep forgetting to update!

She said "ello dadeeeee" the other day. She also said something similar to Grandma over the phone. She is "talking" more and more. We were calling Bandit at the dog park because he was not minding and she said "andit" (or something like that!)

In therapy last Thursday we tried a walker! She was very mad about her AFOs (foot orthotics) but looked so big and tall in it.

During OT therapy she placed her hand, opened her fingers, picked up and dropped a little red block!

We were playing with her new Fisher Price Piggy Bank I found at a thrift store and I held the coin out for her. She can now open her hand and take it from me! I then helped her put it above the slot on the pig and helped her direct it some toward the opening. She put it in, pushed in down, opened her hand and let go.

The other night we were out with Daddy and Grandma in her umbrella stroller. She stuck her legs straight out and then in, following the directions legs "out" and "in". We had done out and in with her arms before, but had never done it with her legs. She figured it out FAST.

She is banging her toys together on her tray in the highchair. She also grabbed her crinkle paper in one hand and a toy in the other last week sitting with a tray in front of her.

It amazes me how well she listens (when she wants to) and understands and makes her body respond so quickly now.


Jason, Rochelle, Aidan & Alayna said...

YAHOO! Kelsey, you go girl! We are so proud of ALL you are doing new these days. You are a great role model for Alayna!
Keep up the great work.

ch said...

Way to go, Little Big Stuff! We miss you at therapy class!

Aunt Susie said...

Miss Kelsey! You are one awesome little girl. Your webpage is so very special because it is all about you. You are working so hard and we are very proud of you and all you are doing. We love you Sweetie!
Uncle Frank & Aunt Susie