Saturday, May 2, 2009

Raking, Sitting, Complaining

It seems that we have a "two" year old on our hands. (several months early)

Or maybe a teenager? (several years early)

Kelsey really has an opinion these days and sometimes it is all I can do to hope that what she wants to do coincides with what Mommy needs her to do.

At therapy on Thursday, Kelsey did side sitting on her own for the first time. She did it for the count of approx. 10 facing one way.

She did it, complaining the whole time.

We thought it would be good to do the other side too.

Kelsey did not.

She did that side for maybe the count of 5???

Then we did some sitting and standing. And all the grownups involved worked their tails off to keep Kelsey happy enough to cooperate some.

When Kristin, her OT, came and we all tried to get her to do the "out" "in/boom" while bench sitting that she had been doing in the corner chair for several weeks, Kelsey would have nothing of it.

I said "out" and she didn't try to move at all.

I then said "out when you are ready."

Guess what Kelsey did?

She moved her toys.

I asked her again.

She didn't try.

I said, "Out when you feel like it."

Guess what Kelsey did?

You got it.

After Debbie and Melissa left, Kelsey sat in her corner chair again with Kristin and I.

She did something new!

Kristin had some rice and pinto beans that she put on her tray and Kelsey raked them and picked up a pinto bean with her left hand!

And as always she enjoyed herself making a mess (of rice and beans in her seat, clothes and floor) for Kristin and I to clean up.

So she did two new things, side sitting independently and raking/picking up with her hand!



ch said...

I like the attitude, KelseyCan! I had fun with your mom at our meeting today, but I'm looking forward to seeing you smiling over the big drum next week!

Keep up the good work, Big Stuff...


Jason, Rochelle, Aidan & Alayna said...

We are SO proud of you Kelsey! Keep up the great work. We will see you in the gym.