Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adaptive Easter Egg Coloring

Last night we met Fletcher and his family for supper and then for Easter Egg coloring.

We had so much fun!

My goal is to have Kelsey experience as many age appropriate things as she can. I try to find ways to work around the physical limitations so she can still have the cognitive stimulation and experiences that typical kids her age are having.

We started with the traditional Easter egg dye and then some awesome kits that Fletcher's mom, Erin, found at Target.

We also used Ziploc plastic bags and a plastic storage container to put the dye in. We were able to seal the bags with the egg and the dye in them and have the kids squish the egg back and forth to color it. We tried the same thing with the storage container (rolling it back and forth), but for us the bags worked better.

Kelsey thought it was really funny to squish the bag back and forth.

The rollers in the kit above were great to place in the kids' hands and help them/let them roll the dye onto the egg. (The rollers are a spongy material with a plastic handle.)

The stamp kit was also fun to place in Kelsey's hand and help her stamp.

  • I think the combination of the activities made it pretty successful and we sure had more fun than using an old, boring wire handle to fetch eggs out of a cup!


Rochelle said...

That is awesome, way more fun...

Grandpa Chuck and Grammy said...

Kelly, Kelsey, Fletcher, and Erin,

WHAT FUN it looked like you all were having coloring Easter eggs!
We loved seeing the pictures and reading about the Easter egg coloring adventures. Kelsey and Fletcher have great Mommys!!!
Love ya/Hugs,
Grandpa Chuck and Grammy

Jenny Olson-Paden said...

You are an amazing mom and woman!
Happy Easter.

Grandpa Chuck and Grammy said...

You go Kelsey girl!!!