Friday, June 11, 2010


Being Kelsey's mom means that I get to ride a rollercoaster everyday. The problem is, rollercoasters are fun as an occasional treat, but not exactly a desirable everyday fare.

Yesterday Kelsey, Daddy and I went to breakfast. Our waitress asked us when we were almost done what Kelsey's diagnosis was. I told her Kelsey had cerebral palsy. She said her granddaughter was born with an inoperable brain tumor and wasn't supposed to live past 6. She is 10.

I said, "that's great." thinking it is always great to outdo a doctor's prediction.

She said "no" that her granddaughter could do nothing for herself, was blind and had 135+ seizures per day.

I did not know what to say.

She said she had been watching us with Kelsey. That she "took her hat off to us" b/c Kelsey was such a happy little girl. That she wished her "Haley" could experience that.

Someone always has it more difficult than you do.


Rochelle said...

Love your positive attitude Kelly! You are so right someone has it worse than we do always. So glad that this lady got to see Kelsey what a blessing she is to so many!

jocalyn said...

so, so, true. i really needed to be reminded of this today...thanks for sharing.