Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Checking Out

Sometimes it is so frustrating to be Kelsey's parent.

I absolutely love her dearly.

I could do without some of the baggage that comes with her.

Kelsey continues to cognitively progress.

I have not, however, seen much progress in other areas.

The questions, then, that come as a result are:

*Is what we have been/are doing still effective?

*Do we need to change course and try a different technique/environment?

*Is it valuable to continue to pursue everything we are pursuing or would Kelsey be happier just being a three year old without a vigorous individual therapy schedule?

*Are we spinning our wheels, the wheels of Kelsey's therapists and Kelsey's own by continuing to follow these pursuits?

*Would Kelsey develop the same skills on relatively the same timetable regardless of our action or inaction?

*Would scaling back our schedule cause her harm?

The problem in all of this is that there are no easy answers.

I do know that this is a marathon that I have too often treated as a sprint.

And yet the fact remains that Kelsey has far exceeded medical professional expectations of her at birth.

Is that a result of action, therapy, and dedication? Or is it simply the result of love?


Rochelle said...

All the above. She is doing fantastic. We see all her little improvements bc we aren't with her day to day sometimes it is easy to miss them. You guys are doing a great job being her parent.

Grandpa Chuck and Grammy said...

Kelsey has two loving parents doing the best they can for their special little girl. She knows she is loved by so many people and will continue to progress at her own rate of speed. No one knows how much therapy is too much but as long as Kelsey is happy and Mommy and Daddy can handle it then that is the main thing!
Just know you are doing a terrific job with Kelsey and we are so very proud of you.
Love You More,
Grandpa Chuck and Grammy

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely doing what's best for Kelsey. Every decision you make I can see makes her better for it from a distance. I think Rochelle says it well when it is hard to see from the parenting side because you are in the moment. When discouraged / frustrated look to God for strength to carry you through and know that we are praying for you weekly here in Georgia. Also, call anytime you need to talk. I need to be better on that end myself.

We love you,

Uncle Chuck, Aunt Dana, and Niece/Cousin Elsie

jocalyn said...

aaahhh... when you figure it out...please let me know!

but seriously, i think there has to be a balance. you can only do so much, and have to make sure it isn't all work and no play. (which you do!)

i think about this all the time. and honestly, the same thing could be said about my "neuro typical" child! we get so caught up in the go-go-go of everyday, i forget he's just 10!

you're doing a great job, and as exhausting as it is, i think these first 5 years are the most important.

keep up the good work. your family is inspiring to a lot of people :)