Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Repeat Visit

When Kelsey was very, very tiny, a jolly man in a red suit came to our house. (You can read about that visit here.)

Last night we were so very fortunate to get the privilege of a repeat visit.

Actually, we got a small preview of what last night would be like when we ran into Santa John at the Alexandra's House party. We saw Santa across the room, but thought we might not bother him since we knew we would see him at Kelsey's house on Monday.

But Santa saw Kelsey too!

From across the room he exclaimed, "Kelsey" in his big deep voice.

She popped up to attention and she began taking steps over to see him. All the way over Santa was so kind to encourage Kelsey in her walking, throwing in a "Ho, Ho, Ho" here and there.

He was amazing. He told Kelsey he had been watching her website, knew ways she had been being a good girl, and he even commented on her latest squeaky shoe video. Mind you, Santa didn't know we were going to be at the party. Santa just KNOWS.

Kelsey visited briefly with him there and he asked her if it would be ok if he came to her house on Monday. She got a very large grin on her face. This girl is very into Santa this year! He also told her that he would be bringing a very special present for her.

(waiting for Santa)

Last night, Santa arrived much like he did three years ago. You could hear the jingle bells coming up the sidewalk...

Only this time, Kelsey was awake and watching for him. (she was sleeping on his arrival when she was a baby)

Santa held her in his arms. He told her about the jingle bells he carried and showed her how one came from each of the reindeer. We also all learned that Fred is the elf in charge of the reindeer and that Mrs. Claus requests that we only leave Santa two cookies on Christmas eve!

He told her to "Always remember that Santa loves you," just as he had when she was a tiny baby.

He gave Kelsey to Mommy and pulled Kelsey's present out of the big sack he carried.
It was a very special gift!

Santa has to cover up when he is on his sleigh delivering presents and Santa decided to share the blanket from his sleigh with Kelsey! (Santa said that whenever he gives away his blanket a nice family makes him a new one.)

Santa's blanket even has jingle bells on the corners of it!!!

Kelsey snuggled with Mommy as Santa took out his big brown book of good boys and girls. Guess who's name was on the first page?

He went over all the ways she has been a good girl, talked about her teachers and friends at school, and how well she was walking in her Kidwalk and talking with her communication device. Santa even knew that her favorite color was purple!

Santa must be taking good notes!

Kelsey was just delighted with all of this information that Santa knew.
Kelsey got back on Santa's lap for a story about how his sleigh came to be and how reindeer came to be the animals chosen to pull it. (He tried elephants first, but that didn't work out so well.) Kelsey responded verbally to Santa as he told her this story.

Then Mommy and Daddy came over for a picture with Santa and all of us.

Kelsey gave Santa kisses on the cheek and I think Santa really liked them.
It was time for Santa to go tend to his reindeer so I told Kelsey to tell Santa "Merry Christmas" with her Ipad. She did. And then she proceeded unprompted on to the "Santa" folder that I had made for her to talk to Santa with.

She asked Santa "How are Mrs. Claus and Rudolph?"

Santa told us that Mrs. Claus was doing well and that Rudolph was busy working out to prepare for the big night coming up!

She told Santa "Thank you"

Santa said that it isn't often that he gets to make happy repeat visits like ours. It reminded us how very fortunate we are with Kelsey's continued health and progress.

Thanks Santa for everything! and Merry Christmas!


Diego said...

Oh Kelsey, I'm so jealous that Santa came to your house to see you!! Your so special! I like the picture of you walking in your KidWalk. I just got one of those but I'm having a hard time learning how to make it go - you'll have to come over and teach me how you do it so well! I miss seeing you at IDC. Please come over and play sometime!
Merry Christmas,
Diego Datica

Rochelle said...

What a great visit. This brought tears to my eyes. Kelsey you are so super special we are so glad Santa made such a wonderful visit to a very sweet friend.
xoxox Merry Christmas

Aunt Susie said...

Hi Kelsey - what a special visit. I remember your first visit from Santa. How special that he could take time to visit you at this very busy time of year. You must have been a very good girl.
Love you Sweetheart.
Aunt Susie

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest Santa ever! I love him, too! Fabulous photos! And now, next year Kelsey can anticipate his visit ahead of time.


Anonymous said...

That is the best Santa story ever!