Monday, August 15, 2011


Obviously this blog has been terribly neglected over the last several months. You all are long overdue for an update.

There has however been a reason...(which those of you in real life know)

Kelsey is set to be a big sister any day now.
My due date has come and gone.

She is super excited about being a "helper" and laughs when we talk about baby brother crying "wa wa wa."

I think this will be great for her, though an adjustment for all of us.

Here is a video of her "playing" with Baby Brother the other day.

Any prayers for a positive, "normal" labor and delivery experience would be much appreciated.


Mo said...

Best of luck to you and your family.

We were blessed with another baby nearly four weeks ago and it's been an adjustment to say the least... but so worth it. Please post about the newest addition once he arrives. Praying all goes well.

jocalyn said...

So excited to read this. Congratulations! Your sweet family will certainly be in my prayers. Looking forward to pictures :)