Monday, July 13, 2009

Bumper Car

Trina left us a cart with wheels when she came to visit today. We decided that it looked like a "bumper car" to us.

It is amazing to think that in December she was just learning to prop sit all by herself and now she can play and play and bump and lean and still maintain her balance the whole time.

We played a long time and these were taken near the end.

(wouldn't be a Kelsey photo session without at least one "open mouth" shot)


Jason, Rochelle, Aidan & Alayna said...

YEAH Kelsey. You are such a big girl and sitting so pretty. We are so proud of how far you have come in just a few months! You keep working hard and smiling pretty!

Grandpa Chuck and Grammy said...

KELSEY--You Go Girl!!--It sure does look like you enjoyed your "bumper car" rides and did such a GR8 job sitting up; and also going down and up while on the cart. You never cease to amaze us and WE LOVE YOU MORE! Grandpa Chuck and Grammy

jocalyn said...

Ah! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.