Friday, July 24, 2009

Two Step

And not the country dancing kind.

Yesterday Kristin, Rachel and I were working with Kelsey at school in her corner chair. She had two shakers, one in each hand.

We were having her follow directions like usual.

I asked her to do "right arm up and then *boom* (putting the two shakers together)"

And she did. She followed a two step instruction, pretty quickly too.

I googled this and you should see this by 2 to 2 1/2 in "normal" development.

Yay for my smart girl! Mark that milestone as EARLY!!! :)

Kelsey had a really good day with Kim, her vision teacher, on Wednesday.

She looked and played at the same time with some circles on the light box, even following her hand as she moved it.
*Really really big deal for Kelsey*

Usually she looks then looks away and then moves her toys.

I should also say that she seems to have come down with a full case of the "two's", exerting her opinions and being just a little stubborn.

Last week with Kristin, she had her hands in beans and rice (something she usually enjoys). There was even some necklaces and other things to grab at in there. Kelsey was not interested.

We buried her hands which will usually make her take them out. Last week she just sat there until I told her she could be *all done* if she took her hands out of the container.

She then started working them out.

With Kim on Wednesday she stopped playing with the circles. We tried and tried and waited her out but she just stilled her whole body and stopped the "talking" she had been doing. She even started playing with the spit in her mouth, making noises with it, to entertain herself.

I must say that I enjoy these showings of her spirit and opinions, and it really is soooo normal. I love that cognitively she is going through this stage right when she should, but it sure makes therapy a challenge!


Jason, Rochelle, Aidan & Alayna said...

Great job Kelsey at following all your directions and giving your opinions! Awesome. We LOVE to see her personality blossom. Hope she doesn't give you too hard a time. Have a nice break from classes and therapy we will catch you in August.

Grandpa Chuck and Grammy said...

Way to follow directions like a big girl--Grandpa and Grammy are so proud of you!!
And you just remind Mommy that she was stubborn at times too when she was around your age--she probably doesn't remember that but Grammy sure does--comes from the Haynes's side, of course!!
Enjoy your vacation from school/see you real soon!
Love You Lots,

grapevine.ceramics said...

Great to see that you are doing so well. We knew you couldn't pass the "2's" milestones in their entirety.