Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dreaming with Daddy

i was laying next to kelsey holding calming her down from feeling stuffy, crying, and panicy. I pulled the comforter over her, and was rubbing her face gently. She had gone from wide awake to heavy eyes almost instantly. About 2 minutes later, she was snoring.

Trying to sneak away, as much as I could pull myself to do, from this amazing moment of beauty, I moved my leg, and she moved a bit, as if she would wake back up. I waited then moved her arm, same only stronger. I waited, and pulled the comforter over her ear. She was out.

I was just ready to get up, and she started giggling, softly, then heavily, with this big smile, then eyes wide open. She had either had a happy dream, or the comforter on her ear tickled, or something.

Just so cute, but yet, now awake again, just when I thought I had her calmed. She looked at me again, smiled beautifully, and went to sleep.


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