Friday, December 4, 2009

This Week's Thankfulness

* I am thankful that Kelsey was able to hit the button of a toy while sitting without help and only being supported at the wrist of the opposite hand. (And I am thankful that Mo (her PT in class at school)suggested trying this!)

(Related to this I am so very glad at how much stronger Kelsey's trunk muscles are getting)

* I am thankful for how much Kelsey loves all of her teachers.

It was such a joy to see Kelsey with Debbie at the Christmas program and how excited she was after 3-4 weeks without seeing her.

She just has so many special people in her life and I love that she loves them and works so hard for them.

* I am thankful for how much more she is "talking" this week and how much more opininated she is these days. (I *think* I am thankful for that ;) )

* I am thankful for the progress she has been making in the last six months, that she now has some pretty good ways to communicate her wants and feelings, and that she continues to grow and learn.

* I am thankful for the Christmas program for her school, how cute she was as a little Christmas elf, the opportunity she had to be on stage, and the visit with Santa Claus!

* I am thankful for the children that are older than Kelsey that I get to watch grow and achieve. It gives me so much hope for Kelsey's future.

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Grandpa Chuck and Grammy said...

Grandpa Chuck and Grammy are thankful that they got to be with the Dahl's for the last few days going to school with Kelsey and also seeing "Elf Kelsey" in the program! All the children were so cute! See you Christmas Eve. . .
Love You More!!