Friday, December 18, 2009


It is amazing how much Kelsey has been communicating.

Ever since we learned that she could choice make using "left" and "right" reaching, it has really opened things up. She also is way more vocal lately. It could be that her head congestion is finally better or maybe that she sees we really are listening.

We have a cute video that I will have to try to convert of her telling us "ya" to things she likes and "ooH" (no) to if she likes bedtime. In that video, I ask her if she likes dad and instead of her usual "ya" she says "offfv ad" (love dad) It is really sweet.

Yesterday with Kristen, she was ready to be finished with a peg board, but Kristen and I were asking her to do one more thing. She sat there and didn't try. Then she signed "all done" with BOTH hands going high and up. (usually just the right hand does the "all done" sign) and then she verbally said "un" (done)

She is laughing more and more spontaneously and it is absolutely precious.

Can't wait to hear "offv ahma" all the time. :)

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Rochelle said...

That is wonderful. Super job Kelsey!