Saturday, December 5, 2009

Remembering A Very Special Visit

Two years ago, Kelsey was just two months old. We had been given a poor diagnosis at birth based on her MRI on her brain. When we took her home from the hospital at birth, we had Carousel coming to see us weekly to make sure that she was growing, etc.

There was a very special man who volunteers his time to come out to the houses of kids who can't or shouldn't be out and in line to see him in the malls, etc.

He was the real Santa Claus.
I can't explain to you what he gave to us that Christmas. Everything was still so new and so scary. I held my precious baby and knew that she was "in" there and that I would find her. I knew that she would "make it" and that she would be ok, despite what we may have been told.

When Santa came to our house, he knew it too. He held Kelsey in his arms like I am sure he has held a thousand before. He was so comfortable with her and with us. He had jingle bells you could hear coming down our sidewalk before he rang the doorbell. He had a key around his waist for those without chimneys. He was the real Santa.

He told the sleeping baby Kelsey to "Always remember that Santa loves you." and we felt loved too.
I got his address thinking I would get a thank you off to him. Somehow in those early, overwhelming days there was never enough time to do that. But I have thought of that visit often.Today, I found this website via some other site, clicked Kansas and sure enough Santa John is there spreading more love and hope than I can explain.

I Support Santa America

Merry Christmas Santa!

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Grandpa Chuck and Grammy said...

And Grammy is glad that Grandpa and she got to be there way back in December of 2007 when Santa John came to the house to see our sweet Kelsey. I, too, am convinced that he is the REAL Santa and such a blessing for so many little children!
Merry Christmas, Santa John!