Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Found an interesting way of feeding Kelsey I was running around the house doing projects, from room to room, and would give her a bite of food, maybe 2, then run to do something, coming back through, another bite, and on, and on, over about an hour. She ate the whole jar of food with about 5 scoops of rice cereal, plus some milk in between. 8/3/09.

I played with Kelsey tonight, she was close to crawling again, gets a bit of succes and the legs go wild! just not quite all together yet. Not yet shifting the weight back to the legs, or if does, just once, then flat on the stomach. She was THROWING the spinner balls off her high chair tray. One was about 8 feet away. We tried walking, using her feet on my feet, but that frustrated her after a couple steps, think might have been overextending. Then i would hold her up, and counting with my feet, left, right, saying ONE, TWO, and bounce her with the steps, which made her eventually stop the hop and take steps. The whole time, when i paused, she would say "one". So later, i was holding her and she just started a whole sentence or paragraph of something. I said, " good talking Kelsey, I love you Kelsey", and she replied, "I love daddy", or "I love you daddy", just plain as day on the I love and daddy, but not sure if the you was there or just a transition sound to Daddy.8/3/09

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Jason, Rochelle, Aidan & Alayna said...

That is so cool, every dad dreams of the day when his little girl says I love you...I know Jason can't wait for Alayna to say those words. YEAH KELSEY!!!