Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Amazing Weekend

Amazing Weekend. It was quite an eventful weekend for Kelsey. Friday Night at Crown Center at the free Eddie Money Concert, she enjoyed the sounds, music, and sitting next to a waterfall wall fountain, as well as watching again the synchronize fountains the kids are playing in.

Saturday, Daddy went to watch the airshow from the bluff , and took Kelsey. She was especially vocal when the f-16 and f-18 flew over, loudly. She loves talking to new noises, such as the vacuum cleaner. She saw a little boy, who was 3 1/2, but Kelsey was taller than him. WE stopped by crown Center between airshow events, and watched the same fountains in a synchronized show to music, which includes water cannons shooting many feet in the air, a couple stories high.

She was talking to the fountains, and lunging toward them. I wanted her to see them in the daylight too.

Between performances, we went back to the car, and she sat in the front seat "unattended", needing no help staying up. I held the bottle for her, while actually laying against the car, and she quickly ate for me, about the best she has ever done, with few breaks, and mostly without spilling a drop. Had about 3 ounces in about 5 minutes.

Getting very good at eating, and had some bites of my hamburger bun.

Sunday, we both went back to the show to see then best act, the F-16, and somehow it got delayed about 30 minutes, and Kelly talked with lady that gave her some nice comments about how cute Kelsey is, and about her relative with Downs Syndrome, and how he does better than the doctors said.

We also went to an free exhibit back at Crown Center of art made of Legos.

It seemed refreshing for Kelly to hear this. I am grateful for all she is doing, and the more I focus on that, she just seems to be exponentially excelling at doing things.

We went to Applebees to eat quesadillas, and she had some of that too. sitting up, paying attention to all that is going on around her.

Having her own ideas of going to look at things, she was trying to go see the mini blinds they have. Balancing better. We were leaving, and her tone had her arms limited to about a 45deg angle up, but put her feet on the floor, and picked her up hopping along, and she loved it. I would think her arms would hurt, but she liked it.

We did the steps, one by one, and she talked and laughed, and kept saying, go.... go. Also through the parking lot. Just like more switches came on.

She seems to be getting it all together, making all her connections. What an amazing weekend! Tuesday Night we ate at Jose Pepper's, and Kelsey sat up well, by herself, looked as if she was falling forward, then caught herself, set herself back, and smiled.

Doing it several more times, she would laugh. "That is my new trick...Balance!"

Many bites of re-fried beans, some rice, although didn't quite know what to do with that. Most of everything stayed in. Really seems to like the cornbread!

Eating like a big girl. Mommy says "Soon, we will have to buy her own kids meals." [1/2 hour to write these posts! not complaining, 1/2 hour to review all that kelsey did this weekend. all the smiles, all the joy, and accomplishment, pride, excitement. relief. all reviewed, in 30 minutes, really, writing all about the fair would take an hour.]

IT is so nice, and refreshing, to see her. I have always been a quiet champion of Kelsey, and knew she would be able to do whatever she wanted. I have always believed.

It is so nice to just see what seems like all these switches coming on. She will be walking, crawling, etc, just soon after 2 years. Just seems like such a little person now. Just so connected to her now. It could be difficult for someone to do anything other than work with her, while seeing these great results!

I think that is the best thing for her. IT is a blessing that we don't have someone to watch her, and just include her in everything.

Looking back, I told her the other day, asked if she knew how lucky she is. I asked her if she knew any kids her age who had gone to Disney, on a cruise, to a different county, to concerts....heck, I think I just figured out she has been to more concerts than I did prior to 21!

Likely more in 23 months that I did in 23 years! I think she just gets to see and do so much, it is helping her grow and see all she could be doing, where most kids in a similar situation would see minimal, and "normal" kids would just be home with a sitter often. I think this is paying off for all of us. I think we have more fun including her and showing her things than just doing it.

Sure, away time can be nice, but I get alot out of having my little buddy just constantly looking around, and looking up at me and smiling, talking, having a great time. I am blessed.

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