Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kelsey goes to a Party

Kelsey went to her first "friend" birthday party last week. She had so much fun.

Isabella turned two years old! and we were able to help her celebrate.

When we arrived, Isabella was sitting in her chair with her magic wand, looking like a sweet birthday princess.

Both of the girls seemed pleased to see each other after two weeks apart. (school has been closed for vacation)

Kelsey brought Isabella some bubbles and a Dora shirt. It made me so happy to see Isabella get excited when she saw Dora on the shirt!

We also got to swim in Isabella's pool. Kelsey had such fun kicking and playing. Isabella shared her turtle float. It was perfect because it allowed Kelsey to prop with her hands in front of her to keep her head up nice.

As the swimming wore on, I would ask Kelsey if she was ready to get out. She would say "OOOOOOOO" (no) and start kicking furiously.

We had a great time and it was sad when the party was over!

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Grandpa Chuck and Grammy said...

We love hearing about all of your "adventures"! And you looked so pretty all dressed up for Isabella's birthday party. . .sounds like you had a great time. Thanks to Dad and Mom for writing about your fun.
We love you, Princess!
Grandpa Chuck and Grammy