Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday night movie

Friday night we went to Crown Center, we thought to a concert, but it was the outdoor movie.

They have these computerized fountains that spring up from the pavement, then disipate back down to a pool under the cracks. She just stood in it, and watched them come up in sequence, one to the other, and talked each time, all excited, time after time, talking each time they came up, or went away, saying "Go!"

We venture into the Hotel, and she loved the waterfall on the rocks, the fountains out front too.

We would say tired, tired tired, as she had bent over, looking tired, and then "I'm awake", and she would jump up! Over and Over again. Just anticipating it, and laugh.... then wait and look for us to make sure we were both watching her, and even jump while bending, up, and laugh loudly.



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