Sunday, August 16, 2009

At the Fair

We just got back from the MO State Fair. 8/15. Kelsey loved it.

We saw a Shriner's food booth, and since they are going to help with Kelsey at one of their hospitals, Kelly thought we should buy something from them. So we did.

Kelly took Kelsey out of the stroller and said I want to introduce you to Kelsey". You, the Shriner's, are going to help her at your hospital. She has Cerebral Palsy, and we just wanted to say thanks for the help you give many children like Kelsey.

The man working said "oh my" when we mentioned CP. He brought back the food we ordered, and handed back the money and shook his head with a smile.

I was sad they didn't take the money, as that was the main point, was to help out those helping us out. But, we are great receivers of gifts, so we simply accepted with a sincere thank you.

We listened to the concert, and then went through along the way to the carnival. Kelsey loved the lights. She was talking, and jumping. She loved seeing the giant ride-in bear, bumble bee, and fish rides.

She loved the lights and music and watching the adult rides go around and around. She was talking to the Ferris Wheel at the end, even after it seemed like she was tired out.

People loved seeing her, talking to and playing with her. A worker played 'get your nose', and she laughed. I was playing with her with them, and showing her the stuffed animals, lights, etc. She was so happy.

A carnival worker called us over as we were walking away. Very strongly he urged me to come back, saying "Dad, come here". I turned around, and he was waving me over very animatedly. He called to another worker on the other side for a toy. He said, "No, the big one!".

He gave us a large lion, larger than Kelsey! Here is the irony. We always say to her, what does the bear say, and she says aaaar, after we say roaaaaaaaar, well, really, now we don't even have to say it but after she does. Roaaaaaaar! That's right Kelsey. Both the same for the bear and the lion. My parents bank had a one day give away, and I went in to do some business for them, and a worker told me to sign up for the bear give away. I put in an entry, and it was for a bear that Kelsey had seen a couple days earlier, and when i showed her, and said what does the bear say, she said arrrrrr, as usual. I thought, that would be nice. Now, here was the chance to get that bear for her. Albeit a bit too big, taking up floor space.

I thought later, I should have put my parents name in too, Kelly's etc. Even Kelsey's. I Found out later it was just that one day, and somehow, we didn't win. Seems odd. It was a perfect fit for her, perfect timing, etc. But just not there, not meant to be.

So now, back to tonight, and the LION. The other animal she talks to. FREE. A gift from...... ? Is that a sign, or what? Grateful to know someone is watching over us/her, and what a sign to show us! Helping her talk as best as she can at the moment.

Walking back with her in the stroller and a lot of the way back in the car, she just talked and talked to it, each time we showed it to her and or made the roar. Now, that isn't all.

The trifecta: Another worker gave her a small colorful stuffed fish. Something that will go great with Kelsey singing "all the fish are swimming in the water" song. People love giving Kelsey things. We are grateful to get them, we are great receivers of all that life and people provide us, and put everything we are given to use. We are grateful we can share her smile, personality, and adorableness with so many.

We are thankful for a second great night out in a row with her having lots of fun, for Kelsey, and us. How much fun and joy to see her react and enjoy whatever we do with her, at home, or out and about.

Tonight, she thought she was at Disney World again!



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Pipsylou said...

Dear Kelsey,

Tell your dear old Dad that this post made me cry.