Wednesday, August 26, 2009

At the Fair Pt 2

We had so much fun the first time, we went back for more this past weekend. This time we heard Brooks and Dunn sing and then went back to the carnival for more fun. Kelsey sat on Daddy's shoulders for part of it, the first time we could really feel comfortable in letting her do that. Her balance is so much better now, and she just perched up there and hung on.

She liked the lights and music, and we sang together. Yes, she was very vocal and tuned right in.

At the carnival, Kelsey took several steps. We love it when she "walks" for us.

We watched the rides go again. One of the ones she really liked to watch were the giant bears.

As we were watching them and she was standing like such a big girl, the attendant came over and asked if we would like to ride. We said we didn't have tickets and he said he had just the bear for us.

We all enjoyed a funnel cake with plenty of powdered sugar on top.

We enjoyed visiting and petting the horses in the barn and Kelsey tried out the wagon.

This wasn't the first time she tried out a wagon, though she probably doesn't remember this one...(at ~22 weeks in Mommy's tummy - June 2007)
We also again collected several stuffed animals from friendly carnival workers along the way.

Here are some other pictures of the fun we had at the fair.

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